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How to Register Online for Osher Courses and Events

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Navigation Buttons

As you can see, there are four navigation buttons—Courses, Locations, Special Events and Donation. Each gives you a different way to review what courses and events are available or make a donation to the Osher Institute.

Courses - On this site, you can search by category: Arts & Entertainment, Current Events, Geography, History, Literature, Religious Studies and Science.

Locations - Here you can search in the locations near you: Clay County, Johnson County, Lawrence, Manhattan and Topeka.

Special Events – This is a quick way to review and register for the special events we’re offering this semester.

Donation – This site gives you a quick and easy way to make a donation to support the programming offered by the Osher Institute.

Create an Account or Sign in

  1. Create an Account
    1.  If you have not yet created an account, click the blue “Sign In” button in the top left-hand corner of the page. This takes you to a page that allows you to create a profile. Click the “Create Profile” button to access the form to create your profile. Please note that any field marked with an asterisk (*) is a required field.
    2. After you’ve entered your personal information, you have the option of including information about an affiliated organization, if any. If you do not want to include that information, check the “Skip organization information” box.
    3. When you have finished entering your information, click the red “Submit” button. You’re now ready to register, and your profile will remain in our system—ready for your next registration.
  2. Sign In
    1. If you have previously created an account, click the blue “Sign In” button on the page. Once you have signed in, it’s time to select which courses/events/sessions you want to take. So, click the “Continue shopping” button.

Selecting Courses/Events and Registering

Click on the “Osher Lifelong Learning Institute” button. Now you can choose which way you wish to review what courses and events are available (Course, Locations, Special Events).
Once you’ve located a course or event for which you wish to register:

  1. Click on the title of the course to learn more about it.
  2. Click on the dates of the available session you wish to attend.
  3. To register for the session, click the red “Add to Cart” button at the bottom of the page.

Adding Course or Events
If you wish to add additional courses or events, click the “Continue Shopping” button. Click on the course or event title, select a session, and then simply add to cart. Once you have selected all your courses, simply click the red “Checkout” button.

Do you have a Promo Code?
Once you have added all your courses and events to the shopping cart, you have an opportunity to add a Promo Code. See below for a list of available Promo Codes.
Applying a discount Promo Code
If you have an applicable discount Promo Code, enter that code in the Promo Code box. If you have more than one Promo Code, another box will appear after you enter the first Promo Code. Enter additional Promo Codes, as applicable.

Checkout and Pay

  1. Click the red “Checkout” button.
  2. Under Billing Information, answer "How did you hear about us?" by choosing an option from the drop down menu. Click the red “Next” button.
  3. Under Summary Review, please review your order, including the courses and/or events names, dates, locations and prices. If everything appears to be correct, click the red “Submit Order” button.
  4. Enter your credit card information, and click the green “Continue” button.
  5. If your payment is accepted, you will receive an emailed receipt, acknowledging your payment.
  6. You will also receive a registration confirmation email, with additional details about the session for which you have registered.

Please note that registration confirmations are run at specific times during the day, so you may not receive this confirmation immediately. If you do not receive a registration confirmation
within 24 hours of registering, please contact the Registration Center.


Payment by Credit Card
Online registrations must be paid by credit or debit card. KU accepts MasterCard, VISA, Discover and American Express. When you register online you will be prompted for your credit
card information. For security reasons, KU cannot accept credit card information via email or regular mail.

Payment by Check or Money Order
Please mail your registration form and a check or money order to the address listed above. Make your check payable to “University of Kansas”. Please reference "Osher" on your check. A $30 fee will be charged for returned checks.

Cancelation Policy
Although highly unlikely, a class may be canceled due to under enrollment or other circumstance beyond the Institute’s control. Members will be notified of any cancelation and have the option to transfer their registration to another course or request a refund.

Refund Policy
If there is no stated deadline, a written or emailed request (kupce@ku.edu) for a refund will be honored up to one week before a course or special event begins. There will be a $5
administrative fee for a course and $15 for a special event. A $30 fee will be charged for returned checks.

Our Residential Community Partners

If you are a resident of one of our partner residential communities, please complete your registration form and return it to the person at your facility who coordinates the Osher program.

For More Information

If you have any questions or need assistance please email the Registration Center at kupce@ku.edu or call 785-864- 5823 or toll-free within the U.S. 877-404- 5823.


Multi-course Discount Promo Codes

There is no discount for one or two courses. However there is a discount for three or more courses. Here are the codes and their amounts:

Three-course discounted price is $130. Enter code: 3DISC
Four-course discounted price is $170. Enter code: 4DISC
Five-course discounted price is $210. Enter code: 5DISC
Six-course discounted price is $250. Enter code: 6DISC

Clay County Residents over 60
Clay County residents over 60 pay $10 per course. If you are a Clay County, Mo. resident, enter the appropriate multi-course discount code:

One-course discounted price is $10. Enter code: CLAY1
Two-course discounted price is $20. Enter code: CLAY2
Three-course discounted price is $30. Enter code: CLAY3
Four-course discounted price is $40. Enter code: CLAY4
Five-course discounted price is $50. Enter code: CLAY5
Six-course discounted price is $60. Enter code: CLAY6

Alumni Association Discounts
We offer discounts for our three alumni association partners: KU, K-State and Washburn. These discounts are only available for alumni association members and can only be applied to courses; they cannot apply to special events:

KUAAFALL2017 – KU Alumni Association Member Discount
KSUFALL2017 – KSU Alumni Association Member Discount
WUAAFALL2017 – Washburn Alumni Association Member Discount