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Short Courses

Certificates of Specialization

Enhance Your Knowledge – Advance Your Career

The Certificate of Specialization is for those who desire concentrated study in a specific area of interest. Achieving a Certificate of Specialization demonstrates to employers, coworkers and the aerospace industry that you are qualified, competent and current in your field. It distinguishes you as a professional who is committed to your career and cares to be the best.

Completion Requirements

You can earn a Certificate of Specialization by completing four courses within one of the nine specializations.

Please note that those courses listed as "retired" are no longer offered. If you have taken a course that is now retired, you may include it among the four courses required to earn a Certificate of Specialization in a given track.

To apply for a Certificate of Specialization, complete and submit the application form. Upon approval, you will be awarded a Certificate of Specialization.

There is no additional fee to receive a Certificate of Specialization. The University of Kansas Aerospace Short Course Program is pleased to promote your commitment to the industry.

Do you qualify? Fill out this form to apply for a certificate.

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If you have questions about this program or need assistance, please contact us at ProfessionalPrograms@ku.edu