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Short Courses

Aero Staff


Director of Professional Programs
Stacy Cordell has been a program manager with KU Professional & Continuing Education since 2008. During her tenure, Stacy has managed numerous conferences on the KU Lawrence campus, across Kansas and throughout the United States. With a professional background in workforce development and family business consulting, Stacy develops and manages online continuing education and public short courses.

Bonny Aureli
Administrative Assistant, Professional Programs
Bonny Aureli is the Senior Administrative Assistant for the Aerospace Short Course Program. She maintains the program's historical databases and is responsible for managing the equipment and supplies, and coordinating travel logistics. It is her job to help make sure the events run smoothly. Customer service is her top priority. Bonny joined the program in 2008.

Julie Bear
Publications and Project Coordinator, Professional Programs
Julie Bear is a Publications and Project Coordinator for Professional Programs. She works with the Professional & Continuing Education Marketing Department to develop campaigns and create publications for professional programs and the Aerospace Short Course Program, including the annual course catalog, targeted emails, and direct mail marketing pieces. Julie also travels as a member of the Aerospace Short Course Program coordination staff. She earned a B.A. and Master’s in Education from KU.

Business Development Manager, Aerospace

Marina Enclarde is the Business Development Manager for Aerospace Short Course Program. She is responsible for developing and executing a strategy for discovering new business opportunities in the aerospace industry. She works with instructors and clients to develop industry-academia partnerships. She also oversees the development of new courses and forms business strategies by researching industry trends and representing the University of Kansas Professional & Continuing Education at conferences and trade shows worldwide.

Anne Marvin
Publications Editor, Professional Programs
Dr. Anne M. Marvin, publications editor for the Aerospace Short Course Program, works with our instructors to pull together the materials needed for each course. Her work ensures that these materials are up-to-date, clear and ready on time. In addition to this editorial function, Anne also assists in reviewing course material for compliance with export control and copyright laws and regulations. Dr. Marvin received her doctorate in American Studies from the University of Kansas. She has been on the KUPCE staff since 2008.

Sarah Williams
Program Manager, Professional Programs
Sarah J. Williams is the Program Manager for the Aerospace Short Course Program On-Site Courses. In this role, she is responsible for contracting and scheduling on-site courses, and all client and instructor coordination and logistics for those events. She has worked in the program since January 2009. Sarah has a BFA from the University of Kansas.