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Information Technology

ZERO1550 - Applied Separation Science and Quantitative Analysis

An integrated lecture and laboratory course exploring the fundamentals of separation science and quantitative analysis of small molecules, peptides, and proteins. Students will be challenged to develop a functional understanding of the theory and application of sample preparation, separation technologies, and methods for quantification.


ZERO1500 - Biotechnology Regulation Quality Control & Quality Assurance

An integrated lecture and laboratory course exploring quality control, quality assurance, and regulatory considerations. Hands-on experimentation will develop a functional understanding of protocol design and a practical knowledge of GXP-guided processes. This course will focus on issues relevant to manufacturing, packaging, labeling, testing, and control of pharmaceutical products. Guest lectures from field-experts in the biotechnology industry.


ZERO1600 - Security Management and Audit

Administration and management of security of information systems and networks, intrusion detection systems, vulnerability analysis, anomaly detection, computer forensics, auditing and data management, risk management, contingency planning and incident handling, security planning, e-business and commerce security, privacy, traceability and cyber-evidence, human factors and usability issues, policy, legal issues in computer security.



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