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ZERO1041 - Social Media Technology

Advancements in technology have created a dynamic, changing workplace—one that requires employees who are flexible, adaptable, and willing to learn. Need is growing for career-minded professionals to upgrade skill sets and learn new applications for technological innovations in the K-16 education, government and corporate settings.

This course provides students with an introduction to the use of social media and cloud based computing. These technologies enable individuals to create, collaborate and share information. They present exciting new options for the way we work, teach and create.


  • Explore the features of different types of social media and cloud computing technologies
  • Utilize multiple forms of social media and cloud computing technologies
  • Participate in a professional online community of practice
  • Identify best practices case studies in the use of social media for learning
  • Evaluate social media acceptable use policies for organizations
  • Create a professional learning network using social media

As a Zero Credit course, working professionals can enroll in this academic class and gain continuing education hours, without going through the KU application process. Participants must have access to a laptop.


ZERO1250 - Design and Development of Online Instruction

The course provides an overview of the knowledge and skills for that are essential for designing and developing online instruction. The goal of the course is for students to acquire the analysis, design, development, and evaluation skills needed to facilitate learning in both asynchronous and synchronous online learning environments. Special emphasis is on learning design, and the evaluation of online learning solutions for education, medicine, military, business, and industry.


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