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Special information of interest to the Kansas Fire Service community

Technical Rescue Conference Documents

Kansas SUSAR TRC 2011
The Kansas SUSAR TRC 2011 Objectives outlines the key information that will provide a solid background for the participants of the Search Operations Class.
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(Microsoft Word Document)

Search Cam Comparison
The Search Cam Comparison is a spreadsheet which compares many of the most common Search Cameras. While this list is not comprehensive and does not include the new Search Cam 3000, it does show some factors to consider when selecting a Search Camera for purchase or use.

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(Microsoft Excel Document)
TF Operations Search Section
The TF Operations Search Section is the draft version of the Search Section of the SAR Operations Manual.
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(Adobe Acrobat Document)
TF Operations-Structure Triage & Marking
Finally, the TF Operations Structure Triage, Assessment and Marking System document covers building and victim marking systems.
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(Adobe Acrobat Document)
Garmin 60Csx GPS
This is a thorough walk-thru of the Garmin 60Csx GPS device. It is not necessary for participants to go through this whole slide show, but it will help those who don’t have access to a unit to become oriented to it. It can also serve to help those who would like to have more in-depth information about the GPS unit.
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2009 Fire Station Construction Grant Document Adobe Acrobat icon
(Adobe Acrobat Document)
Everyone Goes Home “National Fire Service Seat Belt Pledge” Microsoft Word icon
(Microsoft Word Document)
New Instructor Categories — 2008 Powerpoint Icon
(PowerPoint Document)
Trusses with No Gussets — What Next? Powerpoint Icon
(PowerPoint Document)
Exam Host Requirements Adobe Acrobat icon
(Adobe Acrobat Document)
SCBA Fit Testing Adobe Acrobat icon
(Adobe Acrobat Document)
KF&RTI Training Manager Program Adobe Acrobat icon
(Adobe Acrobat Document)


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