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Fire Service Instructor 1 - (Online Web-based Course - Part 1)

This web-based course is Part 1 of the Online Instructor 1 program offered by the Kansas Fire & Rescue Training Institute. After you complete and pass Part 1 you must attend (and pass) Part 2 of the program to obtain an Instructor 1 course certificate. This course is designed to meet the requirements of the NFPA 1041 Standard for Fire Service Instructor Level 1 and is an intense, college level, academically oriented course. This course will provide participants with the basic knowledge and skills to adapt and deliver instruction effectively from a prepared lesson and maintain the associated records. The participants will learn about the theories of modern adult education and their application within fire service training by using techniques to maximize student learning. Operating audio visual equipment, utilizing instructional aids, using evaluation instruments, and organization of the classroom environment are some of the topics covered in this course.

Must be an active Kansas firefighter

Auth Hours

EMS Hours

Special Info
Attendance in this course is limited to Kansas fire service personnel only. No OUT OF STATE enrollments are authorized. Course material includes the integration of the IFSTA Fire & Emergency Services Instructor text, 8th edition. Students do not have to purchase a paper manual for this course.

Kansas Fire Service Fee

Non-Kansas Fire Service Fee
This training is limited to Kansas Fire Personnel Only.

There is no text required for this course. All reference materials are integrated into the online course materials.

Instructor Development


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