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KUPCE Big Data

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KU Big Data Workshop

Make better business decisions by improving how you collect, analyze and manage your data

Learn the basics of Big Data to make smarter decisions, eliminate deficiencies, earn and retain more customers, and hire and lead data professionals ... even when you aren't one. 

KU Professional & Continuing Education offers this three-part workshop several times a year, continually refreshing the content according to Kansas City workforce needs.  

2017 & 2018 Workshop Topics and Instructors

Day 1

Presenter: Raj Nair

   Data-Driven Decisions

  • Internal Value Chain: understanding the data you might already have.
  • Data Primer + Vision: opportunities of a more complete cross-organizational data set.
  • More "Open" Data: a tool to drive internal innovation.
  • Breaking down silos and bringing together entities.

   Big Data Technological Landscape

  • Understanding key technical concepts of Big Data and what makes it different.
  • Big Data jargon and terminology.
  • Current trends in commercialization of Big Data.
  • Ecosystem Essentials: deciphering technologies and vendors, value of distributed computing paradigms, technology stacks, and selecting the right technology.
  • Transactional versus analytical systems and their trade-offs.

Day 2

Presenter: Piero Ferrante

   The Intersection of Data Science and Big Data

  • The data science lifecycle.
  • Vertical case studies in business outcomes.
  • Hypothesis testing and iterative exploration with Big Data.
  • Signal detection with unstructured data sets.
  • Monetizing data: zero to insights.

   Constraints and Limitations of Big Data

  • Pitfalls of analytics and Big Data.
  • Challenges and Barriers: technical and adaptive.

Day 3

Presenters: Michelle Brush and Jonathan Wagner

   Big Data Resources and HR

  • Building an internal team for data needs.
  • How to Hire: skill sets based on level and needs.
  • Who are regional leaders in Big Data and what's missing?
  • How to make data science teams successful.

   New Directions and Opportunities for Innovation

  • New business opportunities.
  • Leveraging Big Data.
  • Leadership development.
  • Innovation Lab: how to take a problem, solve it, and push that solution up within the organization.


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