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Do I have to apply to the university to take a Zero Credit course?

All you need to do is find an open course that interests you and register for it. It's that easy!

Are there any prerequisites, such as a bachelor’s degree, that I need in order to take a Zero Credit course?

Specific registration requirements vary by program. Qualifications and prerequisites, if any, are listed in each course's description on this website.

How much does it cost to take a Zero Credit course?

Registration costs for Zero Credit courses are set at the lowest base credit hour fee for the university. Click the course titles under "Areas of Study" to view the registration fee for each course.

How do Zero Credit courses apply towards my professional development requirements?

Zero Credit courses provide Continuing Education Units (or, for engineering courses, Professional Development Hours) that can be used towards re-licensing or accreditation. A two credit hour course provides the equivalent of 30 contact hours. A three credit hour course covers 45 contact hours.

What amount of participation will be required in terms of homework, discussions or examinations? 

Instructors specify the participation requirements for their classes, which are available for your reference before you register.

Do I need to have transcripts submitted to take a Zero Credit course?

No, but you may be asked to provide specific information to meet instructor requirements for course participation.

If I take a Zero Credit course now, but then later I decide that I want to enroll in a degree or certificate program, will my Zero Credit course convert to academic credit?

No, these courses cannot be converted to credit. Please contact the academic department you are interested in to find the best path for pursuing your degree.

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