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ZERO1550 - Applied Separation Science and Quantitative Analysis

An integrated lecture and laboratory course exploring the fundamentals of separation science and quantitative analysis of small molecules, peptides, and proteins. Students will be challenged to develop a functional understanding of the theory and application of sample preparation, separation technologies, and methods for quantification.


ZERO1600 - Security Management and Audit

Administration and management of security of information systems and networks, intrusion detection systems, vulnerability analysis, anomaly detection, computer forensics, auditing and data management, risk management, contingency planning and incident handling, security planning, e-business and commerce security, privacy, traceability and cyber-evidence, human factors and usability issues, policy, legal issues in computer security.


ZERO1610 - Innovation and Change Management Process

This course will examine innovation models and change management process utilized by successful organizations. The course will emphasize how these concepts relate to project management within an organization and the management of technical operations. The course will address the following topics: 

  • Key models for innovation and how they impact planned change processes
  • Key organizational factors that impact planning for change
  • Strategies for change within project work
  • Resistance to change within planned change process
  • Ethical considerations relating to change management


ZERO1510 - Project Management Fundamentals

Managerial concepts and skills development in relation to the project-oriented business environment, project lifecycle, integrated project management, project selection, and project initiation. Focus is on management of a single project.


ZERO1620 - Project Management Fundamentals IV

Concepts and skills development in relation to project execution, including processes monitoring and controlling, and project closure. Examples of specific topics considered include handling change requests, procurement, teamwork and team development, and cost management. Course content represents systematic treatment of all aspects of project management beyond plannig-but is, in project execution and closing phrases.


ZERO1520 - Project Management- Financial Management

A study of the concepts and applications of financial planning and management for project and operational managers. Topics include time value of money, asset valuation, capital structures and budgeting, financial analysis and cash flow, and project and operational investment decision-making. Course Objectives: -Knowledge and understanding the principles of financial planning and management. -Knowledge and skills with corporate structures, financial institutions, and investments. -Knowledge and skills with financial reports including balance sheets, income statements and financial ratios. -Ability to apply time valuations, cash flows, and taxation in project and operational environments. -Ability to apply capital structures and budgeting in project and operational decisions.


ZERO1530 - Management of Governmental Projects

Application area course exposing students to specialized knowledge, standards, and regulations involved in managing projects for governmental entities. Attention is directed to unique characteristics of the governmental project environments, major project phases-from selection to closing-and related management processes.


ZERO1540 - Management of Global Projects

Survey of management challenges in conducting international projects, emphasizing cross-culture issues. Differences across world regions and selected key countries in relation to communication and interpersonal norms, business conventions, and legal systems will receive particular attention.


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