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Leadership Link and Learns

Leadership Link & Learns: Free Live Webinars


KU Professional Leadership Link & Learns are a series of live webinars on essential leadership topics such as business presentation skills, organizational culture, and inspired leadership. All Link & Learn webinars are instructed by Lee Stuart, the KU Professional & Continuing Education Leadership Programs manager. Registration is always free for the Leadership Link & Learns.

Link & Learn Webinar Schedule

October 19, 2016 (1–2 p.m. CST)  —  Tele-Commuting: How to Maintain Culture in a Remote Enterprise

Do you look at your computer's screen more often than you look at other people? Is email your lifeline to the outside world? Do you go through entire days speaking only to the dog?

Working remotely (or tele-commuting) is great for many people…it's flexible, convenient, and usually results in higher levels of productivity. If you have tele-commuting employees on your team, you now how effective they can be. However, tele-commuting can be harmful to workplace communication and relationships because of its isolation and focus on tasks instead of on people.

Tele-Commuting: How to Maintain Culture in a Remote Enterprise begins with an exploration of the "Dunbar Number," a theoretical limit on the size of the social network that the average human can maintain. With that discussion as a foundation, professional leadership coach and webinar instructor Lee Stuart will take you through 10 easy techniques that are designed to enhance workplace communication and relationships, even if your team only sees each other face-to-face a few times a year.

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November 17, 2016 (1–2 p.m. CST)  —  Burning the Candle at Both Ends: Finding Work-Life Balance

Achieving a healthy work-life balance can be challenging, but strong leaders understand the need to maintain a well-rounded perspective. Learn tips and strategies from professional leadership coach Lee Stuart that will bring positive impacts not only your career but also your family and overall well-being.

In this program, participants learn:

  • How to Slow Down to Speed Up.
  • How to Align Your Activities with Your Aspirations
  • The T.R.A.F System of Task Management
  • The "Touch It Once" Philosophy
  • A Quick Task Audit
  • How to Combat Office "A.D.D."
  • How to Create a Personal and Professional Development Plan

Burning the Candle at Both Ends: Finding Work-Life Balance Registration:

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January 12, 2017 (1–2 p.m. CST)  —  Say It Simply & Smartly

Don't let it be you! Don't be that person who puts an audience to sleep with a poorly organized business presentation, a stammering, "uh, um, you know," speaking style, and slides that feature a zillion words but no clear ideas.

To avoid this all-too-common problem, register for Say It Simply and Smartly, the successful business presentations program offered by KU Professional & Continuing Education and presented by professional leadership coach Lee Stuart.

In this program, participants learn:

  • It Begins with the Audience: How to organize a presentation to generate the audience outcomes you are trying to achieve.
  • Stand and Deliver: How to speak in a compelling manner using short, active info-bites, clear messaging guideposts, a strong vocal presence, proper posture, appropriate gestures and movement, and all the other nuances of effective speaking.
  • Killer Slides, Not Slides That Kill: How to assemble a slide show that complements and supports your presentation, aids audience understanding, and leaves a powerful visual reminder of your key points.
  • Strong Closings: How to clearly communicate next steps, whether you’re asking for the big go-ahead or simply giving a project update.

Say It Simply & Smartly Registration:

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January 17, 2017 (1–2 p.m. CST)  —  Mortar, Not Bricks: Human Relationships Make Organizations

Every organization has thousands of "bricks." No, not physical bricks-and-mortar, but assets: products, processes, competencies, intellectual property, and numerous other components that add up to an operating organization. But for many organizations, those bricks are at risk of tumbling into a useless pile because the mortar—the human relationships that make them all stick together—is chipping away.

Margaret Heffernan, the serial entrepreneur and internationally acclaimed business leader, said in a recent Ted Talk: “The rivalries and politics that occur in organizations must be replaced by a spirit of helpfulness and social capital.” In other words, the mortar needs to be strengthened.

In this program, you will hear professional leadership coach Lee Stuart teach several tools for bolstering helpfulness and social capital in your organization, including:

  • There are no such things as jobs…the employee IS the job.
  • Reciprocity and equivalency…positive paybacks
  • The "Dunbar Number"…how to properly size work units
  • Giving it teeth…changing performance and compensation systems to encourage helpfulness

Mortar, Not Bricks Registration:

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March 16, 2017 (1–2 p.m. CST)  —  Organizational Culture

This program explores the principles mapped out in Tribal Leadership, the best-selling business book by Dave Logan, John King, and Halee Fischer-Wright. Every organization is a tribe, or if it's large enough, a network of tribes. Tribes are more powerful than teams, companies, or even CEOs. Professional leadership coach Lee Stuart will help you assess your organization's tribal culture and to implement tools to manage tribes to higher levels of performance.

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May 18, 2017 (1–2 p.m. CST)  —  Values-Based Leadership

Successful leaders must traverse the rapidly evolving 21st century business landscape with unrelenting focus on two dynamics: Vision and Values. Leaders must be able to clearly communicate—over and over again—their organization's vision, stated not in words of what they do or how they do it, but in words that draw employees, customers, partners, and community members into a shared belief about possibilities.

Transformative leaders lead from values, not from business plans. The achievement of business objectives is a result or by-product of pursing a vision that is wrapped in the types of values that motivate people: trust, integrity, compassion, generosity, and inclusiveness.

In Values-Based Leadership, professional leadership coach Lee Stuart leads you through a discovery process that sharpens your understanding of the higher principles that should guide your organization, the "whys" of its existence. Then you will work to develop and practice your "vision and values" message through presentation coaching.

Finally, you will be given tools for assessing how well your message is being understood and acted upon. It's a reflective, enriching experience that alters the way leaders think about their roles.

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